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 A new semi-private gym in Kettering. Discover a new way to train. 

Here at Gymblok we strive to build strong and functionally fit everyday athletes. 

Our guidance + your hard work = a training culture and an exciting diverse gym community.

Effective training is never fancy or over complicated.


Our Gymblok in-house, class and online programming means that we’ve sorted the plan for you. 

You simply need to show up and stick to it!

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Our training culture

"Culture is the arts elevated to a set of beliefs" Thomas Wolfe

At Gymblok we are striving to create a facility where like minded individuals can come and train towards achieving common goals.

With the support and passion for strength & fitness from our coaches and your relentless drive to better yourself we will create a training culture you will WANT to be part of everyday.

Workout Facility

The Old Stables
20 Bayes St 

NN16 8EH

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Our Methods

Our small group exercise classes are structured, and goal orientated. They are designed over a five week block/micro cycle as part of a much larger macro cycle.

Week 1 or at the start of a new block we will include exercise testing so that you can tangibly highlight your progress and identify any areas of improvement.

We believe when you start to prioritise improving your strength, performance, mental and hormonal health, a balanced diet & recovery then your body will improve far more then exercising focusing solely on how your body looks or just to burn calories.

Hybrid GPP

GymBlok Hybrid GPP Improve your general physical preparedness with an interval weight training session designed to hit multiple energy systems. Combining a mixture of classic strength movements with different tempo bursts of conditioning.


Under The Bar (UTB)
Upper and Lower body

GymBlok UTB Strength focused lower body (Tuesday) weights session and upper body (Thursday) weights session. Learn to lift weights correctly in an engaging and encouraging environment. At Gymblok we value hard work, perseverance and consistency over aesthetics and ego.


GymBlok Capacity Building your energy system efficiency with a main focus on improving your aerobic capacity.

Friday Night Lights

GymBlok FNL, a team based session designed to improve your strength and capacity but most importantly for you to enjoy and have fun in a team environment.



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